Hathersage Dog Grooming

A 1-to-1 dog grooming service in a bespoke studio.

By appointment only.
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I live in the lovely Peak village of Hathersage, working from home in a purpose-built pod equipped for all your dog's grooming needs. My aim is to provide a calm and stress-free environment where your pet will experience 1:1 care and attention resulting in a professional groom and a happy dog.

After you drop your dog with me, why not spend some time in Hathersage? There are plenty of shops, cafes, play-space and even an open-air swimming pool to entertain you while you wait. Wherever you go, I will contact you 15 minutes prior to finish, so your pet will be ready when you arrive.

Full Groom, price varies

Your dog will experience a head-to-tail groom, styled to your desired trim.

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Interim Groom, £35

In between Full Grooms, this is a great option to keep your dog's coat in good condition.

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Puppy Intro, £25

A gentle introduction to grooming for vaccinated puppies up to 6 months, to ease them towards their first proper Full Groom.

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New customers

Please allow a few minutes on arrival, to fill in a record card and sign your agreement to our terms and conditions. Followed by a brief consultation to discuss what you would like from the groom. Feel free to bring in photos.


It helps if you can toilet your dog before the appointment, cleaning up any mess appropriately. Note that children play on our Crescent.


We would like to use photos of your dog on our web site and social media pages. Please let us know, if you do not wish this to happen.


It is essential that your dog is fully covered by vaccinations before attending, this is for their own protection and for the protection of other dogs visiting the salon. Thank you.


Your dog will experience 1:1, kind caring attention throughout their groom. Occasionally, there may be part of the grooming process which is difficult for your dog and at these times, a muzzle may be used for a short period of time. If I cannot safely complete the groom of your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, I will end the groom - not wishing to cause distress to your pet.

Coat Care

Certain friction areas of a dog's coat are prone to matts and tangles. I will remove these by shaving in sensitive areas, such as arm-pits, behind ears, tail and hygiene areas, because it is kinder to your dog. If matts are discovered elsewhere on the coat, that need shaving, I will contact you at the time of the groom.


We accept payment by card or cash and a receipt will be sent by email or text.

  • 1 Dale Crescent, Hathersage, S32 1AP, UK